"Just One Breath"

Last week we were in Banff, Alberta celebrating my man’s 40th birthday. It was absolutely incredible!! The beauty was just endless. On our last night, we were trying to get a fire started in our room. No matter what we did, the wood would not burn. We tried kindling and paper; we went through almost 2 boxes of matches..lol..but nothing worked. Daniel decided to call it a night, but I was determined to get a fire going! I was about to give up, but decided to try one more thing. I lifted up one of the logs and blew on the small flicker that was there. All of a sudden, the logs burst into flames and the most perfect fire appeared. I enjoyed its warmth and beauty for hours.

While I stared into the captivating light, I started thinking..one breath is all it takes. I started thinking about how each of us, as the body of Christ, can be that breath for someone else. Maybe it’s a friend, a coworker, a family member, or a church. A word of encouragement, a prayer, a random act of kindness, a letter, a song could be the very wind they need to start dreaming again; to start living again; to start believing and hoping again.

I’m so thankful that God revealed this to me in such a tangible and real way. One breath can cause the smallest ember to become the brightest flame.

Amanda Kinner